Carol Alt
27 February
That Burning Feeling in My Tummy...
By Carol Alt / Post / February 27, 2017
Back in November I wrote a blog about how to stop heartburn without using PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors) like Prevacis, Prilosec, and Nexium. I had told a story that my insurance agent and good friend Dick had died from esophageal cancer. His doctor told him his cancer was due to the fact that...Read More
22 February
Ahead of the Curve!...
By Carol Alt / Post / February 22, 2017
We are so ahead of the curve, you and I! I can tell by the questions that you ask me on @Twitter and Instagram that you understand more about health than the average person. If you’re reading my blogs, you know WAY more than the average person. It’s never been more glaringly apparent how...Read More
20 February
So Many Healthy Options- How Do You Choo...
By Carol Alt / Post / February 20, 2017
When I first wrote my book Eating in The Raw in 2005, food and the approach we take to food was entirely different. At that time when people asked me what I could eat, the first thing they could think me having lots of of were carrots. Don’t ask me why- carrots were the number … Read More
15 February
Guest Post- The Treehouse...
By admin / Post / February 15, 2017
I’ve decided that today is a very, very tiring day. Keeping blogs like this going takes it out of you. So I’ve asked my editor Jake to put together a post, and he’s chosen to present a short story for this week. I hope you all enjoy! I’ll be back to regularly scheduled posts ...Read More
13 February
The Domino Effect...
By Carol Alt / Post / February 13, 2017
I’m sure you’ve heard of this “domino effect,” but you may not be so clear as to how it can affect your health. Much like a row of dominoes, if you push the first one down the whole bunch falls, one by one in orderly succession. I found that to be the same with health. &helli...Read More
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