Carol Alt
22 May
Calling Bully on the Chicken Industry...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 22, 2017
You know, I wish I could believe a company like Perdue. What I’m specifically talking about is the growing number of incidences involving abuse and poor conditions at factory farms. I’m talking about you, Purdue, and I wish I could believe you when you make statements. I saw commercials they ran...Read More
17 May
RAW-ck Away the Pounds!...
By admin / Post / May 17, 2017
If it’s not sugar, it’s salt. If it’s not salt, it’s fat. If it’s not fat, it’s sugar. And if it’s not sugar… Well, you get the idea. I need to warn you all. Labeling laws in this country are ridiculous. They’re inaccurate, and oftentimes blatant...Read More
15 May
The Price of Freedom...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 15, 2017
Hello everyone! I’m out for a few days so I’m giving you an old post of mine to think about and consider. It’s becoming more and more relevant as the months go by. Every single day we see terrible things happening in the news. It leads me to ask myself, are we just seeing more &hel...Read More
10 May
Designer Diets- Just Do Your Own Diet Th...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 10, 2017
What do you like better- raw or cooked foods, paleo or vegan diets, or even raw paleo or vegan? Funny enough, asked that question the other day that sparked this next blog. I kept asking myself internally if these diets even had anything in common, if they were even compatible. The an...Read More
08 May
Ginger Ale...
By Carol Alt / Post / May 8, 2017
I was interested to see that during Pat Kernan’s “In The Papers” segment this morning on NY1 he referenced a story on soda settling your stomach. He mentioned that when he was a kid his mother used to give him soda, ginger ale specifically, to settle his stomach. He then mentioned ...Read More
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