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Guest Post: Schmidt’s Deodorant – A health-conscious deodorant!

By Jaime Schmidt

The consumer market is presented with endless deodorant options, and making a health-conscious choice isn’t easy when trying to make sense of product labels. Despite the fact that many ingredients in conventional deodorants have significant health consequences, companies continue to use them because they are cheap and effective. So, which ingredients should be avoided, and what are the safer alternatives?

Aluminum is the active ingredient in most antiperspirants. It works by blocking the sweat glands to keep sweat from getting to the skin’s surface. Some research has shown that daily use of aluminum-based antiperspirants may increase the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Schmidt’s Deodorant has found a safer way to keep you dry without aluminum. We use arrowroot powder to absorb moisture while allowing for the body’s natural process of perspiring.

Tricoslan is another common ingredient found in commercial deodorants. It is used as the odor killing part of antiperspirants for its antibacterial properties. Triclosan is classified as a pesticide by the FDA and a probable carcinogen by the EPA. Schmidt’s Deodorant has found a safer way to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria with baking soda and extract of the hops plant.

Parabens are synthetic preservatives that have shown to disrupt our hormonal balance. Possible side effects of paraben exposure include early puberty in children, organ toxicity and an increased risk of hormonal cancers. Schmidt’s Deodorant has found a safer way to preserve with vitamin E. Often derived from wheat, we instead use a soy-based vitamin E in interest of providing a gluten-free product.

Phthalates are chemical stabilizers that help the product cling to the skin. These hormone disruptors have been linked to a variety of health issues including higher risk of birth defects. Schmidt’s Deodorant has found a safer approach to giving our product staying power by using cocoa seed butter, also high in antioxidants and rich in minerals.

Propylene glycol is a petroleum-based material that gives deodorant a slick consistency, making the product more easily applicable to the skin. In large quantities, studies have shown that it can cause damage to the central nervous system, liver and heart. Schmidt’s Deodorant has found a safer way to achieve smooth application with shea butter that also moisturizes and protects delicate underarm skin.

Synthetic fragrance oils are used in the majority of conventional deodorant brands. Potential side effects range from skin irritation and chronic headaches to fatigue and endocrine imbalances. Schmidt’s Deodorant has found a safer approach to adding fragrance with pure essential oils extracted from plant material. Our essential oils offer antibacterial, antioxidant, deodorizing and healing properties.

Deodorant is a fundamental part of our daily hygiene routine, but not always something we give much thought to. Choosing the right deodorant is critical because we want to smell good! But there’s more to it. The skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs into our bloodstream what we put on it. Just like the choices we make about what we put in our bodies, our choice of what use on our bodies directly impacts our overall health.

–Jaime Schmidt, Owner of Schmidt’s Deodorant

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  1. Really very interesting. Who would have thought about such things, but so true we need to think of what we put on our skin because it gets absorbed into our system.

    I really love your show and try not to miss it. You bring up such a variety of topics for everyone, that a lot of people don’t talk about, let alone think about. I mean, who talks about deodorant, it’s just part of our daily routine. It’s true, we do usually buy it because of the scent or the strength and of course necessity!

    I have much more to think about now and not just about deodorant. THANKS A LOT CAROL! Just kidding! We should all care what goes into our body both orally or topically. You’re doing a great job with the show. Only wish it was longer. Thank you for such an informative and fun show.

    Kelly S. Little

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