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‘A Healthy You’ with Carol Alt- Episode 12 Recap

Segment 1: Taking responsibility for your own health with Tony Greco

Is your doctor always right—or should you be questioning him?  Should you do your own research or just listen to what he tells you?  OR, is he giving you instructions and directions based solely on what other patients have wrong with them? 

Canada’s leading fitness expert Tony Greco and Carol discuss this issue.

Tony takes a holistic approach to fitness.  Not only does he help transform his client’s bodies, he also focuses on lifting their spirits and strengthening their minds.

Tony was inspired to start this holistic approach when he went for his regular check up.  The doctor drew blood and then spent only 8 minutes telling him he was “fine for his age.”

Well, as Tony said to Carol, “I don’t want to be fine for my age.  I want to be better!.”  So he went to another doctor and “was amazed—she spent about an hour with me explaining everything and asked me all kinds of questions about nutrition and lifestyle.”

Tony’s practice is such that if, after 5 weeks, someone isn’t losing weight or seeming better, he sends them for this blood work so that a plan can be made for better eating and lifestyle techniques.  “But we can’t really blame doctors—they only get about 2 hours of nutrition education in school. 

Read more about Tony’s approach in his Guest Post!

Clip: here

Segment 2:  What are probiotics and how do they work with Dr. Bruce Bond, nutritionist

Are probiotics the new health fad?  What are they?  Can we survive without them?

Here to simplify what could be a complicated issue is Dr. Bruce Bond.  He explained to Carol that a probiotic, the opposite of antibiotic, mimics the “good” bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract. They are essential to nutrition.

An antibiotic kills off bacteria causing an infection and it CAN kill off the good bacteria as well.

Then there are prebiotics, which are non-digestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics.
Examples would be peptin (apples) or citrus, yogurt and kefir.

The probiotics form short chain fatty-acids which fuel cells, he told Carol.  That means it helps to keep DNA from being damaged.  “So,” said Carol, “in effect, a probiotic is one form of cancer prevention, because cancer occurs when the DNA is damaged.”

“Do you need probiotics to survive?” asked Carol.  “Not if you eat correctly,” said Dr. Bond, “but these days we have things like alcohol, caffeine and other things that destroy the chain, so you need to replenish those fatty acid chains.”

Segment 3:  Are all organic foods created equal with Max Goldberg

“Recently, I was shopping with my boyfriend and he saw a sign that said ‘seedless organic grapes.’  He asked me how a seedless grape could be organic,” said Carol.  “Since he’s
Russian, at first I thought it was a language problem—but after a few minutes I thought it was an oxymoron.”

Here to explain all of this is Max Goldberg of Living Maxwell (

He explained that organic means that it adheres to some of the USDA’s rules:  That is, there can be no GMO or irradiation.  The food must not contain any sewage or sludge, and there can be no synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.  “Organic relies on the natural eco-system to grow food and fend off pests,” he told Carol.

“So how can a seedless grape be considered organic,” she asked.  “There are no seedless grapes in nature.”

“A food can be a hybrid; in fact, many of our foods are hybrids.  Hybrid foods may occur naturally through cross-pollination,” he said.  “However, a GMO occurs in a laboratory, like when the DNA of one specie, say a fish, is applied to the DNA of another, say, a tomato.”  And radiation also kills off enzymes. The best way to avoid irradiation is to eat locally grown, organic food.”

“But why is organic more expensive than commercially grown?” asked Carol.

“Because they aren’t subsidized by the government.  It’s not a level playing field,” said Goldberg.

Watch the clip here!


Ask Carol: 

Q:  Is it important to sweat?

A:  It’s not only important, but it’s essential, especially to detox those heavy metals.  Of course, you can do things like avoid food toxins, use chemical-free cleaning agents and BPA-free bottles.

But the fastest and most efficient way is to use Cycle Sauna.  Click here for more information.



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