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Tony Greco Guest Post: Easy at Home Exercises

The exercises (in more detail!) we did on ‘A Healthy You‘ with Carol Alt:

To shape and trim your hips with exercise, you must actually build the muscles that contribute to the shape of your lower body. These muscles include the gluteal group, especially the gluteus Maximus; as well as the hamstrings and quadriceps. How much your hips grow depends on several factors, including heredity, but exercises that target these areas will sculpt and shape your hips.

Exercise 1: Rotation lunge with water jug
Shift your weight onto your left leg, pivot on your right foot, and lower your body into a lunge as you simultaneously rotate your torso and the water jug to the left repeat for 30seconds then switch legs

Exercise 2: Single leg squat picking up a cone

Preparation: Stand shoulder width  apart . Balance on one leg with opposite knee up  in a 90degree angle

Execution: Squat down as far as possible while keeping knee bent  off of floor. Keep back straight and supporting knee pointed same direction as foot supporting. bend over while reaching to grab cone then repeat with other leg do 30 seconds on each leg (you can use a chair for balance )

Exercise 3: Wood chop with forward lunge
The wood chop lunge is a great total body exercise that works the legs, abs, and arms simultaneously.

Stand shoulder width apart, lunge forward as you execute the wood chop over holding a soup can in  the opposite hand  engage your abs do 30 seconds each leg with the chop and repeat with other hand  you. Can bring your knee up for a more challenge

Exercise 4: Cross over the duck tape
Moving sideways, lifting the trail leg over the lead leg with each step.repeat back and forth over the duck tape can be done anywhere

Exercise 5
The bird dog yoga pose exercise  strengthens your abs and lower back and butt muscles while improving balance.

Step 1

Starting Position: Come to a hands and knees position on an exercise mat positioning your knees underneath your hips and the crease of your wrists directly underneath your shoulders. Your fingers should be pointing forward.
Step 2

Engage your core and abdominal muscles. Imagine you are tightening a corset
around your waistline. Keep your spine in a neutral position, avoid any excessive sagging or arching. Pull the shoulder blades toward your hips.

Step 3

Upward Phase: In this exercise you are attempting to move the opposite arm and leg simultaneously. It is very helpful to use a mirror to help you with form adjustments. Begin by slowly lengthening the left leg until it is long and strong. Lift the leg off the floor until it is at or near parallel to the floor. The leg should not be lifted above hip height. This will help to avoid upward rotation at the hip.

Step 4

Slowly raise and straighten right arm. Attempt to raise the arm until it is at, or near parallel, to the floor. Do not allow the shoulders to tilt upward. Keep both shoulders parallel to the floor. Your head is an extension of your spine and should remain aligned with the spine throughout the movement. Do not lift the head or let it sag downward.

NOTE: The leg and arm should only be raised as to heights that allow you to maintain the shoulders and pelvis in parallel to one another, the core engaged and the spine in neutral position.

Step 5

Downward Phase: Gently lower yourself back to your starting position, maintaining balance and stability in the shoulders, pelvis and torso.

Step 6

Alternating Sides: During this phase of changing sides, work very hard to keep the abdominals engaged. Imagine knitting your ribs together as though you were lacing up a tennis shoe. When you change sides, try to do so with minimal weight shift. Do not flop from one side to the next. Maintain balance and control.

Complete the workout for a total time of 1 min per exercise and then rest 3 mins and repeat for 5 days total time is 5mins a day  then add Cardio vascular exercises walking jogging running 20mins to 30 mins to melt fat as well as proper diet that includes the balance of carbohydrates protein and good fats and H2O you can check my Greco20-20 App on iTunes lose up to 29lbs in 20 days

Canada’s Leading Fitness Specialist
Tony Greco
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  1. Carol,

    I love your new show. I find it so inspirational and helpful. The natural way to good health and longevity have long been my lifestyle choice. After a decade of declining health your show is a must see for me. A recent surgery to remove a bladder mesh and sling and your show have put wind back into my sails. Today I am starting my liver cleanse.

    Thank you Carol!

    Debbie Cloutier
    PO Box 240922
    Anchorage, AK 99524

  2. This is the show to watch on Sat. Or Sun. at 4 pm on Fox. Lots of fitness ideas U do not hear all the time. Looks like they post al the videos after the show…good for your class…esp. Like the core exercises!

  3. I watched Carol a couple weeks back Saturday/Sunday morning. A fitness instructor was on there. He had a weight ball and was sharing some exercise moves. Had dark hair. Carol did the workout with him. Also included a Cardiovascular workout to with the ball. His name? Any help?

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