Liver Cleanse

I’m not sure why but liver cleanses always seem to get people up in arms.

The liver is the most important organ in the body for cleansing. In Ancient mythology the liver was the seat of anger, but today we know it as the organ that helps digest and store fat, cleans the blood of metabolic and environmental wastes, and sends bile into the intestines to break down fatty foods thereby helping the intestines to absorb fat soluble nutrients like vitamin D.

A fatty liver, or liver that is so full of stones that it cannot do its job can leave the body in a very weakened state. A toxic liver is not able to cleanse a toxic body which is why I asked Dr. Isaacs to be my guest on A Healthy You  to offer two ways to help clean the liver.

The first is a liver cleanse.

The liver cleanse is a five day procedure which helps rid the liver and gallbladder of ”stones” and other wastes. Since the liver and gallbladder share the common bile duct, a cleanse pumps out wastes from the bile duct as well, thereby helping the liver to function more optimally. The cleanse is fairly easy to do and there are several ideas on the market. I always suggest to have a doctor follow you when doing it even though the cleanse is mostly a matter of ingesting foods.

If you really want to see what a liver cleanse does just search “liver cleanse” on the web because people love to post their results. And I do mean they post the graphic results!!!

Then there is something that you can do every day- a coffee enema.

The coffee enema assists the liver and gallbladder to release stored toxins through the bile duct.  Since the body is so brilliant and economical, the liver tends to recycle and reuse bile. By re-absorbing bile which has already been released into the intestines, there’s the possibility to take up some bacteria and other toxins from the intestines.

Proponents of the coffee enema believe that the caffeine, when taken rectally, stimulates certain nerves located in the lower colon, that when activated, cause both the liver and gallbladder to start, literally, dumping their waste.

The bile is then flushed out of the intestines with other waste giving the body no chance of reusing it and so therefore no chance of reabsorbing the bacteria and toxins it might contain. This forces the body to make some new fresh bile each time it needs it. And this process makes the system cleaner and more efficient because the old toxins and bacteria are flushed away with the bile.

The liver cleanse was included in the conventional Merck Manual until the 1970s. At that point the editors took it out due to Issues about “space” for more high tech procedures. Meaning they were trying to make the handbook more “contemporary.”  In my opinion this was a big mistake because the coffee enema has always been known to be an important detoxing tool.

Now you understand why I brought Dr. Isaacs on my show!

The liver cleanses and the coffee enema are both very good tools, in my opinion, in the fight against disease.

Don’t become squeamish because it has to do with eliminating waste from the body. After all it’s just a natural process, just what the body does, and we need to help our liver to function more optimally if we want to stay healthy.   Especially in the polluted environment we live in today.  Besides I find that the people who are the most snarky about liver cleansing are usually the people who need it the most! LOL!

After all, the liver, as I said before, IS the seat of anger.

By Carol Alt


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