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‘A Healthy You’ with Carol Alt- Episode 6 Recap

Segment 1: Could gluten be the cause of your health problems?

Giving up gluten isn’t the end of your life, but it may be the beginning of you feeling better. At one point, Carol had severe sinus infections and one doctor even wanted to operate on her sinuses.  When she gave up gluten, she saw an immediate change for the better.  A simple change in diet can save you time, money and pain!

On this weekend’s show, Carol interviewed actress/owner of Jennifer’s Way (Gluten-free) Bakery, Jennifer Esposito, and her physician, Dr. Patrick Fratellone.

In the mid 2000s, Jennifer was diagnosed with Celiac, a severe reaction to gluten.  Gluten refers to the proteins found in wheat endosperm—but it’s not correct to say that gluten can only be found in wheat-based items, such as pasta, crackers, breads, etc.  In fact, gluten is all over—in soups, fillers, even vinegar and hair and beauty products.  Gluten is even in pet foods!

She doesn’t like it that most refer to Celiac as a “gluten allergy” when, in fact, it is an autoimmune disorder. Some of the symptoms she manifested: severe panic disorder, sinus problems, shaking (it can affect your nervous system.  Severe inflammation:  “There were times I couldn’t even walk into Dr. Fratellone’s office, I had such severe knee and joint pain.”

Another thing she doesn‘t like:  “When they say ‘once you go off gluten you’ll be fine.’  Not necessarily so—in fact, when I was diagnosed, I also had leaky gut syndrome so the gluten was sneaking in.”

Added Dr. Fratellone:  “It’s important to remember that you may also need to rotate foods, because there may be other challenges.  For instance, many who have problems with gluten also have problems with dairy.”

We were reminded that it’s best to eat foods that are naturally gluten-free, such as vegetables and fruit, because even some of the packaged gluten-free items can still contain gluten.

To see the entire video:


Segment 2: Why Drink Water—Especially Ionized Water

Barbara Wilk, founder and CEO of The Water Doctor, spoke of the health benefits of drinking ionized water.

Water ionizers provide water that varies from mildly alkaline to highly alkaline.

Ionized water can remove toxins and boost antioxidants—especially important because many cities don’t really filter their water.

Check out Carol’s ‘Water’ Blog follow up where she discussed the book Reverse Aging by Sang Whang.

He said by drinking alkaline water he experienced:

·       Better eyesight

·       Greater vitality

·       Increased focus

·       More energy

·       Fewer hormonal issues

·       Less fear of getting ill, because with a balance pH it’s impossible to get inflammatory diseas

Whang recommends drinking five glasses of alkaline water for three months straight.

Carol asked Barbara Wilk what her impression of this book is—truth or a lot of hype?  “Definitely truth,” she said.

Segment 3: No No hair

No-no follow up (as promised!)
Some people might like this device but it is not for me.  In order for the ‘No-No’ to work properly you have to let your hair grow, similar to waxing, and I personally prefer to just shave daily and get it over with!  The big thing with the ‘No-No’ is the buffer afterwards but this didn’t even completely remove my hair (I’ve had other people tell me it didn’t work on them either.)
My advice?  Be careful with products like this but who knows?  It might work for you


Ask Carol

Dear Carol:  I have a lot of stomach acid.  What do you recommend?

Answer:  ‘The first thing I think is that you may be eating foods that are too acidic.  Remember, cooked food in general tends to be acidic, whereas raw food is alkaline—but some cooked foods are more acidic than others, such as tomatoes and spinach.

And, remember, you can always do a preemptive strike by taking some digestive enzymes before eating an acidic meal.’ – Carol Alt

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