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Carol Alt ‘A Healthy You’ FOX recap- Episode 1

Part 1: Healthy Snacks for your Kids

Back to school!  It’s important to teach your kids early about health eating.

Healthy Snacks For your Kids- Carol Alt (Video Link)

1) Chopped Vegetables and Hummus

2) Kale Chips

3) Go Raw Snacks


Part 2: Alkaline vs Acidic

Guest: Christopher Dobrowolski from Live Live 

In order to obtain optimal health it helps to have a balanced pH (usually 7.365) in our bodies.  Most people tend to be more acidic though which has been know to cause health problems and aging.

During this segment Chris gave us tips on how to create a balanced pH level in our bodies.  Since many people are acidic we started with water and tested the pH of the popular brand Poland Spring.  The water turned yellow when we added the drops which meant that it was acidic.

Chris then added alkaline drops that were mineral supplements that transform ordinary tap water into healthy, pH 9.5 antioxidant water with electrolytes and other valuable minerals that your body needs.

He also suggested some other ways to help our bodies become more alkaline:

–       Lemon in your water

–       Celtic Salt

–       Seaweed

–       Skin Brushing

–       Rebounder


Part 3: Chlorine and Swimming Pools

Guest: Dan Lee from Spectra Light 

Everyone got to see how Carol updated the water in her pool with an ultraviolet bulb.   Many of us just dive into pools and don’t realize or think about the water we are immersing ourselves in.

Pools are filled with chlorine, which can be really bad for your health.  The Ultraviolet bulb helps naturally kill the bacteria in your pool without having to use harmful chemicals.

Many Olympic pools now use this!

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