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Eat like this…..


You know I tweeted the other day that I always thought people wanting to be young again was about buying more time to live. Well I believe that our time here is governed by God or by another higher power or whatever else you believe in that’s out there: the ‘god of chance’, if you will. I could step off the curb even at 20yrs old, and be hit by a bus. So wanting to go back to being 20 to gain more time was never, in my mind , anything I really ever wanted to do.
I didn’t want to relive my life- Even if it meant the chance to correct some regrets that I have. I don’t want to model all over again; I don’t want to do three films a year all over again; I don’t have the desire to run 24-7, grinding myself into the ground to prove who I am or what I can do. I just have no desire to do that anymore. I would prefer one film a year. I would prefer one show at a time. I would prefer a couple of modeling jobs. Not something that takes all my time. In short, I prefer my life now-
I also Don’t want to go back to starving -to the ignorance I had about food. I love eating.
So I thought that I was free of that desire- to go back and live it all again.
Operative word is “thought!”
Maybe I am not really so free of it-
There were many things I do like about being 20 that I didn’t think about when people said they wanted to be young again. I didn’t think about the energy I had a 20, or the passion. I didn’t think about the health I had at 20 or the shape my body was in and how easy it was to keep it that way or to effect change.
At 52, I Could use some of that energy, passion and health, and oh, the shape! LOL – I can’t believe how skinny I was. Of course, now being that thin would look ridiculous on me; it’s just that, who knew that getting older was going to issue such challenges.?
As we get older hormones change, your body changes, your health changes, even your looks change -as well as how our body functions -all change.
So, I find it’s my new passion to spread the news about how fun and easy it is to try to regain that passion, that energy, that health and that physical shape that you had at 20.
Hoping that by doing so, turning 50 or 60 won’t be such a dramatic ordeal and those changes won’t be so dramatic!
I’d love you to start eating raw when you’re younger but, not always is that an option. My mom went raw at 68. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t eat cooked when she goes out with her girlfriends. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a glass of wine here and there. It means that basically she eats a base of healthy raw foods, takes her digestive enzymes, her greenpowder in the morning, and lots of salads and fruits. She also eats her fish and her meat rare when possible
-it’s easy to survive on a diet like that.
Toss and a few raw snacks that you can get on the Internet, some raw crackers some raw-milk cheese for a mid-afternoon snack . Make sure your oils are cold pressed, make sure you replace your vinegar with lemon and you’re good to go!
If you want to get a little fancy, my books -especially Easy Sexy Raw -will help you to make all kinds of easy, fun, raw foods. This book will take you through shopping in a supermarket and it will open your mind to swapping out foods by leading you to great Raw sites on the Internet. The raw 50, will help you with lots of salad dressings as well as snacks and drinks! Fun anecdotes sprinkled in keep you interested.
Eating in the Raw was my first book and it will explain why I went raw in the first place and give you 30 easy recipes that you can keep in your refrigerator – make them on Sunday eat them on Thursday!
So you see, When you have fun with something it becomes easy to do and when something’s easy it’s a lot of fun.
I always suggest you include the family for taste testing and shopping spree’s.
This Isn’t scary at all, it’s not crazy different food, it’s just a different way to prepare the same food you eat every day.
So come on, stop being a scaredy-cat, throw away those extra 20 pounds and still eat and enjoy your life.
Raw is that EASY.

About Carol Alt

Yes, this is me. Writing my own blogs on my web site. For 2012, my digital agency enabled me to blog from my iPhone and I love it. You will get even more timely content and photos. If you have questions that you would like to ask me directly on subjects I didn't cover in individual blogs, you can do so in "Ask Carol" section.


  1. Hi Carol. I’m so happy to see you doing well and passing it along. I remember the first time I saw you. You came into the make up room at Marco Glaviano’s studio. I think it was a test. You were really new. I looked up into the mirror at you beside me, and could not believe your face. I looked toward you and asked you if you had any idea of how beautiful you were.

    You were so nice and became one of the new, smart models- professional and business savvy.

    I got your first book the other day. Looking forward to trying some things.

    Bravo! All good wishes,
    Jan McGill

  2. I watched your show on FOX today. Great job! People need to get information about healthy eating. We are bombarded with too many junk food ads. You are an inspiration! I am a cancer survivor and I credit it to great doctors and me changing my diet to vegan. 50-70% is raw.

    I do have recent skin problems though. I was diagnosed with psoriasis…its on my legs. Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

  3. Carol, I know you are a patient of Dr. Gonzalez, I am also a patient of his, thank god for him! How long have you been doing his program? I went the conventional route first (unfortunately), and am seeing him preventatively to avoid a recurrence(breast cancer). How do you manage his program in your busy schedule? What kind of cancer did you have and what stage? How donyou deal with anxiety? Hope I am not getting too personal!

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