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Am I crazy? this is my Morning Protocol


I was recently asked if I would do a blog on my morning protocol. I never did this before because I kinda thought it would be boring, but maybe it might be helpful to know what I found to do for myself and why….
It also is a bit personal but if someone can find some nugget of helpfulness in this revelation, then that is even more important to me than my privacy and risking you guys thinking me crazy.
So, again, I do all this only after running it past my doctor and getting his OK that it is right for me. I suggest you do the same.
Also, I had health issues so I am a bit fanatical about my protocol for me as I do not wish to go back there again!
So “hold on- it’s going to be a bumpy ride!” –Betty Davis in All About Eve.
I take my morning enzymes upon waking up. I do this to clean my blood of any toxins and because they are pancreatic enzymes, I do it as a cancer prevention.
I then go and make myself a hot water, lemon, and honey. I use alkaline water as it has a myriad of health benefits- including alkalizing my body. Also lemons are alkalizing because even if lemons are acid, they have an alkaline effect on the body. Then comes Local honey- helps with allergies!! I have not had any allergies since I started local honey!! I tap my liver (right side of body just below rib cage) about 10 times very lightly as a wake up. Liver is the organ associated with anger. I think that is because all the toxins in the body are cleaned out by the liver as it is the sewerage filter of the body. It also breaks downs fats. So it gets clogged easily and it is “uncomfortable” and agitated. I think perhaps it then provokes the whole body?
I take “Tea of Life” tea which is meant to help the prostate and uterus (especially if you have fibroids).
Then I move on to Vital 10 which is my Dr’s recommendation for a probiotic. Probiotics help with digestion inside the small intestine- important to get nutrients out of food.
Moving on to food, I start everyday with carrot juice freshly juiced (and yes, I hate cleaning he juicer but I’ve got it down to a 4 minute task- yay! I just DO IT!) carrots or even veggie juice is, of course, alkalizing but also full of nutrients which you cannot get if you eat them raw or cooked- some of he nutrients in carrots are only available by juicing- these nutrients also include FABULOUS enzymes!
I eat a few tablespoons full of kefir. I find kefir gives me a bigger result then yogurt as it has more bacteria. I make this kefir myself with Yogourmet which I found in Whole Foods.
Not a yogurt lover? Add some local raw honey….. Or a raw granola! (GoRaw has several different kinds to choose from) or if your probiotic tastes good, like mine, I add it!
The next thing I do is the most controversial
thing I do: I eat a raw egg. Yes, it makes me gag. But eggs (white and yolk) are important sources of sulfur and protein and according to Dr Brantley, they feed the brain. I’m sure I can put it into a salad somewhere later in the day, but it’s hard to carry around an egg, especially a raw one!! I have several ruined purses to prove it!
Do this at own risk as the more raw the better but a soft boiled is ok too!
Then I pop my supplements which are recommended by a hair test done by my doctor-
I then take two dropper-full shots of Rose oil. Bought online from Dr Robert Bard. For women it is again for uterus. Roses in poetry are the symbol of love and that is because it has a circulatory effect on the uterus- what more appropriate organ of love than the part of the body that gives life- of course this is my own opinion!!
I also take Heavy Metal Detix drops from Dr Robert Marshall. I think the name is self explanatory!
Three times a week I do yoga- and after yoga, I rub acid water on my skin before I moisturize.
Acid water comes out of my ionizer-as the ionizer separates + & – minerals, you get acid or alkaline water. Finally, I brush my teeth with Luscious Libations toothpaste and gargle with Acid water mixed with mint and a touch of edible Hydrogen Peroxide.
So that starts my day.
There are other things I do periodically like skin brushing before a bath of sea salt and baking soda. But perhaps that is another blog.
Again, I do all this on advice from Doctors as I would not like to do anything not in the best interest of my personal well being and my body. I suggest this to all of you as well.
Health is the most important gift we’re given. Its is not easily kept in our present environment-Don’t compromise on it and don’t do impulsive things with it. Be smart- be healthy.
Until next time….

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  1. Oh, but this is not crazy at all! Thank you for sharing all this. I really appreciate when someone who is in one kind of lifestyle for a long time, let people know specific things about their eating or other habits.

  2. This is a very helpful post. Thank you. Where can I find Dr. Bard’s rose oil? Do you take it internally, not externally? Or both?

  3. Hi! I was diagnosed with MS 14 years ago after having one MS attack. I was fine for 12 years with no symptoms and now it’s back. I’m 45, female and recently learned that a raw food diet has helped many people with MS be healthy again. I am worried about losing weight. I’m 5’5 120 pounds. How do you stay healthy on this diet?
    Thanks for your help.

  4. I am interested in purchasing an acid/alkaline ionizer. Please give me some recommendations.

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