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This photo is a photo of me when I was in Rio last month. The coconut was my breakfast. This is just one of the healthy things I do even while on vacation.
My show on Fox will have all these tips. What I would like to do on my show is to bring forth all aspects of health that are still all around us. In other words it’s what we can do today to keep healthy even in this environment. & i do mean “ENVIRONMENT” Today it is not so easy to remain healthy. There’s pollution in the air, in our water and in our food. We process food, we genetically modify our food, and we irradiate our food.
Problem is, or rather I think the problem is, that we don’t understand that when we mess with our food we mess with our health.
In any case, I will be bringing like-minded folk onto my show.
That way you as the consumer, as a person who just wants to be healthy, can see alternative thoughts and make your own choices.
Because after all, isn’t democracy all about choices? Or rather isn’t democracy supposed to be all about choices? Can’t have a choice if you don’t know the choices that are out out there.
So join me on Fox we start airing the week of July 13

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Yes, this is me. Writing my own blogs on my web site. For 2012, my digital agency enabled me to blog from my iPhone and I love it. You will get even more timely content and photos. If you have questions that you would like to ask me directly on subjects I didn't cover in individual blogs, you can do so in "Ask Carol" section.


  1. I like your show, you look gorgeous, and come across very genuine and caring person. The counter person you had today regarding vaccination was rather weak. I am sure that in time, this will improve.
    Wish you would have a whole hour, rather than 1/2 an hour. You have so much good to share and give people information regarding available choices.
    Thank you to FOX news for having you on.
    Miki Bell

  2. I felt your show on supplements was insulting and contrived. They have been trying
    to regulate supplements for a long time. You really helped this along. People aren’t dying from supplements. Have you watched a drug ad lately? Please could you leave the supplements alone. There are many of us that rely on these. We don’t need your help with this, or those ridicules doctors.

  3. Hi Carol,
    I love your show. Ques for you today on your show you talked about deoderant what are your thoughts on the natural crystal kind. I am also into doing more natural and more organic into my lifestyle. So good for u to be on fox to educate us all. Keep up the great work. Randy

  4. In one episode Carol indicated that she really liked zucchini chips. I am really interested in trying them, but cannot find a store or a source on the internet. Does Carol or anyone else know where I can buy them?

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