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Clean Makeup: You asked for it, you got it!

As you all know, my expertise is skin care, yet that has not stopped people from asking me what is the best/cleanest cosmetic on the market-or at least what are the cosmetics that I use.

This started me on a search for the best makeup on the market that is easy to use, VERY CLEAN of chemicals and somewhat available.

When i say somewhat available, I am referring to the fact that it will not be backed by a GIANT like, say Revlon, as they have not really caught the spirit of really having a chemical free line and therefore not available at your local Macy’s. I am not picking on Revlon per se, the GIANTS, generally, all have their chemical formulas and that is what they stick to.

But, then again, I don’t want what everyone else has. I do not want to end up with the skin everyone else has either. I see women everywhere, and they are aging-no matter what it is that they use -mostly because they are falling for the marketing ploys of 20 year-old girls who are made up and lit with lights to look like a fantasy- selling anti-aging creams and potions! I know, because in my day, I was one of those girls…..

Today I sing a different song. I sing a song of health. I am one lone voice in the tornado of of voices telling you what products to buy. The only difference is that the food I tell you to buy I do not sell and therefore I do not benefit from telling you how good it is!

So here goes! You asked me, and this is the best line of Makeup i have found so far!

This is what Rose-Marie wrote me about her line:

“Almost all of my ingredients are raw, however, some are not as I am doing color. So the vitamin E isn’t (but it is non-GMO, non-soy and full spectrum) The minerals are raw (non silicon or paraben coatings) but not always organic. We have to use heat in order to melt the product and we use the minimal heat we can in order to melt it. Technically it is not a raw product due to the higher heat for the carnauba wax which is melted first but it is the closest ever of any product out there. Every ingredient is certified organic except the vitamin E and, of course, the minerals. The centella is wildcrafted There is no certifying body for color cosmetics except Ecocert–and that doesn’t do it for me (sic). Just so you know I did the formula’s myself and I also buy the ingredients because I don’t trust any labs out there. My products are the real deal and every ingredient is superb. I hope I don’t sound conceited because I don’t mean to be .”

Of course she should brag about a great line like this! She takes care and that shows.

But the true test came when I asked around! That is the real test of a great makeup – what is the philosophy of the people who use the makeup.

Most makeup artists just go with the flow or they take what is given to them and tout it as great because it basically was a gift.

The artist who used and told me about Rose Marie’s line cared about the client, and their skin.

As well, of course as her own skin because she was using the products on herself.

Each person who used this line actually went out of their way to buy it from Rose Marie and they paid for it-yet they still sell it to others like it was a gift. So therefore, like me, when someone doesn’t get anything out of it yet still speaks about a product like it is the best thing since the creation of Earth, those are the recommendations to believe. Those are the recommendations I look for- when an artist says”Her skin shimmer-you MUST get it! If you care about your skin, it is the best- and her shimmer is a coconut base! So wonderful on the skin and FOR the skin-you know, HEALTHY.”

See, that is a recommendation I can sink my teeth into because i can believe a makeup artist who has to buy her product and go out of the way to get it. That is someone who does that because it is a SPECIAL makeup line.

So there you have it-you asked me….

P.S. I typed this on my iPad so excuse any typos. :)

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  1. Were do I buy your skin care line?

  2. Hi Carol,

    Thank you for the info, I have another question which of Rose Marie items do you use. Which items should I buy and is it ok to mix with other brands or just stay with the same brand.

    I have been using olay products for over 40 years and I really love them. I always get lots of complements on my skin and I am 62 years old. Even my dermatologist ask me what do I use she can’t believe the skin I have for my age and I hardly no wrinkles. I told her I use oil of olay moisturizer & I clean my makeup with vaseline and recently I started cleaning it with Palmer’s Shea butter and I never go to sleep with makeup.

    My diet is pretty healthy but I ended with up diabetes type 2. I just got rid of all my nail polishes and bought new ones that don’t have formaldehyde, toluene dbp free. I am getting your book on raw foods trying something different to see if I can lower my diabetes numbers and get off the medication.

    Thank you,

  3. Great! I’m trying to find a price sheet but not having any luck. I’ll keep looking & hoping…I am determined. T/U

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