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Makeup? What kind of makeup do you recommend? Trying to avoid toxins…

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  • this is always a tough one, kelly. i have been told
    so many conflicting stories i just decided to not use
    makeup unless i am working.
    then i just let the artist use what they need to as
    i cannot hog-tie them in their work.
    i stored up on a wonderful line i found, but Estee
    Lauder bought the line and shut it down! ?????
    i just tell women, use great skin care so that you
    don’t need as much makeup-as far as i can tell, everyone
    has something or other in it.
    and i will work hard to make Raw Essentials successful
    enough that i can launch the formulas i have for
    toxin free makeup.
    i know this is not very helpful now. but i have not
    found a great makeup yet and would not want to
    mislead you.

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